O'Day happened on the 24th of February.

  • {i} The forecast for Friday is fine, 12-27, UV index likely to be EXTREME. Someone should bring sunscreen.


  • /!\ T-shirts won't be happening for O'Day, but will be happening in '06.

(I'm not doing this, but I really think we should have t-shirts made by O'Day. JamesAndrewartha's idea of "In Soviet Russia, Computer Clubs You" is awesome, we should get PennyWalkaden to do one of her pixelised drawings of a big club on a computer screen. -- DavidAdam) (Actually, yellow sickle and pixelised club would be awesome too.)

(I can put in the UCC order as the same time as the UniSFA order if someone asks politely. -- ChrisBobridge)

Grabbing New Members

As discussed at committee, we need to have some gimmicks at the O'Day stall.

Ideas include:

  • Robots ([DAG]?)
  • SMS screen? I don't actually remember this in 2003, but we could lug the TV down and it might work...
  • More people in the clubroom (have music playing and stuff, not too loud, maybe gaming or something).
  • Fighting Hamsters


I'll make up some (2-4) big A0 posters at work on Thursday afternoon, and we can carry an old rack door down to stick them on, so perhaps we can think of some slogans?

{UCC Logo} Yes, we like computers a lot. So?

{UCC Logo} Home of Australia's only Internet- connected Coke machine

If we can come up with enough words, I would love to do a web 2.0 takeoff of one of those "tag" thingies, where some words are bigger than others (with UCC being the biggest word). Here is a start (some reordering required):

  • python, perl, computers, email, Internet, Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux, BSD, Solaris, C, WWW, Usenet, Ruby, Django, Rails, coffee, Java, caffeine, pizza, "hack the kernel", Tru64, Alpha, Sparc, IRIX, Indigo, MIPS, algorithms, djikstra, graph, GNOME, GTK, Motif, HPUX, games, OpenGL, Windows, Microsoft, Explorer, Firefox, Seamonkey, Thunderbird, Outlook, GNU, bazaar, Soviet Russia, submit, programming, visualisation, music, graphics, networks, Debian, Gentoo

Done: Thanks to PXY DAA TRS. Preview here

What about this one? Done: Thanks to Ziph TRS DAA.

Marketing Spiel

Things to mention:

  • UCC is older than the Deparment of Computer Science - 32nd year this year.
  • Cool stuff:
    • Coke machine - only one in Australia!
    • Manbo: Sun Enterprise server with 12 CPUs and 10 GB of RAM, running the latest Solaris Express
  • Clubroom - dozens of different sorts of computers. Eat your e-mail, read your lunch.
  • Access to webspace, e-mail, free WAIX
  • For CS students: an excellent way to get exposure to the stuff you don't get taught.
  • For non-CS students: a chance to play with the kind of equipment you only see in university and corporate environments.
  • Gamers as well - LANs etc
  • Not just a student club. Plenty of interesting people around.
    • People working on Mozilla, GNOME, Flock (Yakk's still old guard, right?), Linux, Avahi, plenty of other stuff
  • A social club, too - our myraid events.
  • Close relationship with other CH clubs - but you don't have to join them all

i think we should mention that the UCC is very cool, it has been around longer than the CS department, and that we have computers. ( [ZAR] )

Remember to take your sunglasses off and your earphones out if you're talking to people. Don't hide behind the table - stick a hat and some sunscreen on, and get out in front of the stall.



  • oday2006.tar.bz2

  • PXY will take to printer tomorrow, collect Thursday (hopefully)
    • Fresher's Guides and Forms are already done, should have 60 guides and 120 forms; fancy pants machine folded and stapled them itself. Cards should be ready Thursday avo.
    • Someone (TRS?) needs to print up drink stickers for the back of the guides.
      • done

Sign Up

Volunteers to be around on O'Day:

  • DavidAdam (whole day, except when Cameron from MPAA wants lunch)

  • JamesAndrewartha (whole day)

  • JamesFrench (whole day)

  • HarryMcNally (whole day if needed .. let me know)

  • DavydMadeley (hasn't officially gotten day off yet, ideally whole day)

  • GrahameBowland (alternating between UniSFA/UCC, iff can get day off work - awaiting approval :P)

  • Jeff Saunders (sticking it to the man and including a space in his name)
  • MattJohnston (whole day)

  • AdrianTiong (most of the day)

  • ChrisBobridge (on UniSFA stall O'Day, but can do stuff if need arises)

  • Jason Doan (most of the day)
  • JonathanWan (Looking after CSSE's Sony AIBO ERS-7 Robot[s] for CSSC/UCC, just for show and tell)


  • Get cards on Thu (PXY) - DONE
  • Get TRS' parent's marquee - DONE (@ UCC)
  • make posters (DAA)
  • print guide stickers - DONE
  • set up DECTerm for dispensing free drinks - DONE (running on marblefish)
  • check sudo is working for non-wheel committee (ie. davyd) to create accounts - DONE, /home/wheel/bin/ucc-adduser

  • check all of our machines are starting GNOME by default, perhaps deploy a nice set of defaults via Sabayon - pitch and velvet were checked, melanopus on the blink, other machines running straight Ubuntu


People need to:

  • Help set up (8:30/9ish)
  • /!\ $10 (?) deposit is required to get table, chairs, etc.

  • Man the stall (10:45-15:30)
  • Be in the clubroom (All day, particularly wheel and committee members to help create accounts) - and also just to hang round and make the place interesting.
  • Help pack up (4ish?)

For Next Year

  • {i} This is a list of mistakes that we intend to learn from next year:

  • Fresher's Guide:
    • Glossary does not mention Ubuntu
    • Get a PA system
  • Run SMS screen (less a mistake, more forgetfulness)
  • [MTL] suggests a poster with Zoidberg on it saying "want shell"