This year, spartan and myself are offering a scholarship alongside the FUCC_Scholarship. It is a full ride scholarship for UCC's Camp.

Camp is an awesome experience that everyone should get a chance to experience. By becoming a PUCC scholar you will join the elite. Some have gone on to be employed and get money, live off of their parents and even be known for their bad jokes and puns. Also, this is a blatant rip off of Coxy and Lionel's Scholarship.

I would encourage everyone who is interested to take advantage of this offer - I had a great time my first UCC Camp which is part of the reason why I now offer this scholarship. You can apply for this scholarship even if you apply for the other one.

[One|Two|Five|Ten]1 first-time UCC Campers will have their entry fee paid for by us.

As before, you will also obtain the privilege, if you should so wish, to add a black P to your white UCC tags (with a blue background if possible), denoting bad jokes, good times and exclusive membership to an inclusive group of normal people.

To be eligible for this award, you must be a UWA student, member of UCC, to not have attended a previous UCC Camp, and not be the recipient of another camp scholarship. Applicants will also need to declare in writing (with the write amount of bad spelling) that they will participate in at least one game of [To be inserted]2 during UCC Camp, and that when we play ET you will attempt to play the objectives even if you fail miserably. Playing other video games with us would be nice, too. While at camp you must be willing to sit near us, wear an eye-patch occasionally and hang out with our mascot, pandas. Bringing anything panda related to camp is also a massive bonus and will be greatly appreciated.

Applications will be judged on creativity, privilege, bad jokes and demonstration of previous experience on the IRSeas3. Puns are both extremely favorable and required. PUCC alumni have gone on to professional careers in stealing other people's copy and making minimal edits4. Do you have what it takes?


Mitchell Pomery and Chris Squire

How To Apply

  • Read the above5

  • Write up your super amazeballs application with added lens flare
  • Send it to bobgeorge33@ucc and spartan@ucc6

  • An applicant will be selected and informed on the 6th of July
  • Non-Winning Applicants may receive something for applying7

  • We will pay for the winners ticket


These are noteworthy10

  1. Number to be determined. Will definitely be one. (1)

  2. Unreal Tournament 2004 unless spartan strongly disagrees (2)

  3. IRC is where you should be (3)

  4. See FUCC's Scholarship, and previous emails sent by [BG3] (4)

  5. It's above, not below (5)

  6. (6)

  7. It's a Surprise! (7)

  8. We don't actually care about privilege levels. (8)

  9. They've run scholarships in the past (9)

  10. FootNotes Are Fun! (10)