Cameron Hall Quiz Night

Every year, UniSFA and UCC run a quiz night.

UniSFA has a wiki on this too:

We have another page on this: QuizNightFeedback


- Not near exams

- 2011: 11/08 (The second Thursday night of Semester 2)


- The UWA Guild Tavern

- The Tavern needs to be booked for the night

- Normally the Tavern is not available on Friday nights; hence the Quiz Night is on Thursdays

- The Tavern can fit about 140 people.


- Usually from 8:00pm to 11:30pm

- Organizers meet at 5:00pm

- Start setting up around 7:00pm

- Sequence: Either 2 or 1 round, followed by a break for marking, and inter-round events spread evenly



- Tables consist of 8 people

- In 2010 and 2011, 18 tables were sold = 144 people


- Traditionally, UCC organises the tickets

  1. Make/Find ticket design.
  2. Print ticket design on coloured A4 paper (try the stationary drawer (3rd drawer down in the filing cabinet))
  3. Take the printed pages to Uniprint, and use their guillotine (for free!) Alternately, pay Uniprint some money and they'll print/cut all the tickets.

- In 2011 the tickets were numbered by table and seat; 1A, 1B, ... 18G, 18H

- Tickets are sold either in groups of 8 (1 table), or individually. The price is typically $10 per individual ticket, or $70 per table.

- Sometimes (not in 2010 or 2011) tickets are sold at the door, for $12 - $15. Normally all tickets sell out before the night though.

- Distribute the tickets evenly between the clubs involved. (In 2011, Unigames was also involved)

- Use dispense to sell tickets. Never split a bundle of 8 tickets unless there are no more individual tickets.

- Committee members should keep the tickets somewhere safe, and give them to buyers after checking with the cokelog.


- Maximum of 10 rounds

- Aim for sensible averages; 10 questions, 12 marks, average of slightly more than 6

- Rounds include: Computer Knowledge, Social Science, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Music, Maths and Science, Arts, History, General Knowledge, Sport, Gaming, etc

- Don't make a Cameron Hall trivia round, since people outside of Cameron Hall often attend

- Someone sensible should try to look at all the questions, to make sure there aren't any obscure and impossible ones, which often happens when you have a bunch of enthusiastic nerds writing questions about nerdy stuff.

- Questions need to be put into a power point

Inter-round events

- Will fill this in later


- Raffle

- Door Prize

- Overall prize (don't award a prize per round)

- Any prizes that people want to donate?

- The purpose of the event is to make money, so don't spend it all on prizes.


- Handled by UniSFA in 2011

- Unicredit offered to provide pens, question/answer pads, and a picnic set with wine


- Need 6 - 8 people in total (people can do more than 1 job)

- As many people to write questions as want to (as long as there aren't more than 10 rounds)

- 2 to MC (1 from each club)

- Markers (people who write questions should volunteer to mark)

- Someone to set up the power point of all the questions, manage sound

- 2 people to find sponsorship/prizes

- Send ucc-announce emails when tickets are available, 2 weeks before the event and again 1 week before the event

- No real need for posters, since between UCC and UniSFA all tickets usually sell out

- People not affiliated with either club do often attend though

- Tell the guild about the event

Other stuff

- Never. Ever. Ever. Let Jeremy Cole write questions, or do the music round for the quiz night again.

- Likewise for Unigames.

Subcommittee Documents

Here are the subcommittee minutes and associated documents.