UCC Camp 2019

Let's put a whole heap of computer nerds in one place for a weekend and see what happens! Internet is limited but will be available, however food, accommodation, and great company is guaranteed! Be prepared for a weekend of tech experimentation, a programming competition, tech talks and even a campfire! Bring your favourite ethernet cables, soldering iron and spare RTX2080Ti's and be prepared to have fun. Besides that, it's just a great opportunity to meet some like-minded people, learn in a chilled out environment and network.

This page is currently being maintained by [FVP] & [MPT]. Contact us if you have any questions.

This is an 18+ event, ID required. Drink responsibly. Don't drink and drive.

For past camp information, see here: Historical Information and Planning


UCC Camp has a long history of activities which are run from year to year. A more detailed programme for camp will be available closer to the date, feel free to send any suggestions to [email protected].

Tech talks & Workshops

  • Getting started with Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • 3d printing tech talk

If you want to present or have any suggestions, please let us know!

Programming competition

Thanks to the UWA Programming Competition Society, there will be a programming competition running during Camp.

The competition will start on the first evening after dinner and the winners announced late on the second evening.

Beat Sabre Competition

[MLG] will (virtually) be running a competition of the game Beat Sabre, in Virtual Reality!

If you've never played on a HTC Vive before, this is a great time to try!

Other Activities

  • There will be a camp fire, and plenty of marshmallows to toast
  • If you would like to run/suggest a competition please let us know and we will gauge interest and organise.
    • Please send any game suggestions to [email protected] and we will do our best to organise it!

Camp Internet Connection

Limited internet will be provided on Camp. This year, we have a prepaid 100GB 3G mobile broadband configuration which will be shared amongst the attendees and is expected to last for the entire event. Bandwidth throttling and data limitations may apply, and we strongly discourage downloading updates, games or videos using the camp internet (best to download these at home).

When, where & how much


Friday 2019-07-12 15:00 AWST (1562914800) to Sunday 2019-07-14 11:00 AWST (1563073200)

The camp will run for three days and two nights from Friday, 12st July to Sunday, 14th July. Arrive at 3pm on Friday and depart before 11am on Sunday.

Attendees will be expected to make their own way to the venue, if you are unable to make it yourself, please ask in IRC/Discord and will carpool to the event. In the event that an attendee must leave the camp on medical or security grounds, a sober member of camp staff will provide transport as required.


Camp Leschenaultia has been the successful host of UCC Camp for the past five years and will continue to be in 2019.

Camp Leschenaultia, 400 Leschenaultia Place, Chidlow

Tickets and Pricing

The following are the ticket prices for UCC Camp 2019:

  • Earlybird tickets (until 16th June)
    • $70 for a UCC student member (all universities)
    • $90 for UCC non-student members
  • Regular price (after 16th June)
    • $80 for a UCC student member (all universities)
    • $100 for UCC non-student members

Make sure you've submitted an attendee form and paid in full before Monday 8th July. Contact us if you have any questions.

Payment must then be sent through to the club either through dispense or EFT.
UCC's EFT details are:

  • Bank: Westpac Bank
  • Account Name: The University Computer Club
  • Account Number: 285739
  • BSB: 036054
  • Description: [Your Name] Camp

Attendees will receive a confirmation email once an attendee form AND payment have been received.

Camp Scholarships

UCC Oldguard (read: Alumni) have a long history of providing camp scholarships for first-time attendees, these are usually are by application but are definitely a great way to attend if you don't have the money.


The camp ticket includes 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and 2 lunches, which will be made available for consumption at designated times during the event. Snacks will be available during the event.

Please specify on the attendee form if you have any allergies or dietary requirements and we will cater accordingly, including vegan / vegetarian options.

Drinks Available to all at any time:

  • Water (including a supply of bottled water)
  • Various fruit juices
  • Milk
  • Tea bags
  • Instant coffee
  • Drinking chocolate / Milo

What to Bring

  • Sleeping bag & pillow (dormitories do not provide bedclothes)

  • Blankets for your bed (it gets cold)
  • Computer (with ethernet port)
    • Download all your games at home, as internet is limited on camp.
  • Non-surge-protected power board and any power cables you may need
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse and mousepad
  • Headphones with cable slack (speakers are not permitted)
  • Earplugs, if you're a light sleeper
  • Snacks or excess dispense credit to buy snacks (main meals provided)
  • Reusable bottle for water or other drinks
  • Warm clothes and shoes
  • Towel
  • Toiletries, including deodorant
  • Any medication that you require
  • A blanket to snuggle in at your computer
  • Floor heater if you have one!

It can get quite cold at camp so please ensure that you bring plenty of clothes, there will be a fire outside and perhaps some warmth in the dorms but come prepared!

Please note that internet at the camp will be limited, so please get any downloading done at home, and disable any high-bandwidth applications before arriving.

Provisions regarding alcohol

Attendees are allowed to bring alcohol to this camp. Any alcohol brought to the camp must be surrendered to RSA Staff on arrival. Bags and eskies may be searched. Alcohol will only be served during drinking hours by certified RSA Staff at their discretion. Please factor in mixers when determining what alcohol you would like to bring to the camp. Alcohol will be limited to light alcohol (e.g. beer, cider) before dinner.

Consumption of strong caffeinated beverages may be monitored by RSA staff under alcohol policies if potential excessive consumption is suspected.

Staff & Volunteering

All staff will be briefed on emergency procedures for the camp, and attendees are encouraged to approach any of these camp leaders if they require assistance.

Event Manager & Camp Leader 0: Felix von Perger [FVP]

Event Manager & Camp Leader 1: David Adams [DBA]

Head Chef: Grace Rosario [MLG]

More staff needed! Contact us if you are interested :)

Attendee Code of Conduct


  • Attendees must not damage the property of Camp Leschenaultia, that of the University Computer Club or that which belong to other attendees. The replacement cost of any damage will be passed on to those responsible.
  • Attendees must follow the instructions of the Camp Leaders at all times. The Camp Leaders will serve as Fire Wardens and will direct all attendees in the event of an emergency.
  • Attendees must not participate in any behaviour that endangers the health or safety of themselves or other attendees. Attendees are encouraged to take appropriate breaks if participating in prolonged computer game activites (Alternative activites such as board games in a rest area will be provided).
  • Failing to care for the property of Camp Leschenaultia, the University Computer Club, or that of other attendees will not be tolerated.
  • Bullying, acts of aggression, violence and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Possession and use of illegal substances at camp will not be tolerated.

Music & Sound

  • Any music must only be played inside the hall, and turned off at 11pm each night.
  • Computer speakers may only be used with the express permission of the Camp Leaders. All attendees are encouraged to use headphones.

Camp Fire

  • Only Camp Leaders and those under their supervision may light the outside fire pit.
  • The campfire should not be left unattended.
  • Attendees may only put materials approved by Camp Leaders into the fire.


  • Attendees are discouraged from bringing more than 11 standard drinks worth of alcohol, as there are limits on how much an individual will be allowed to consume per night. RSA practices will be followed.
  • Attendees must hand over all alcoholic beverages in their possession upon arrival at the camp. Any other drinks found in the possession of attendees will be confiscated by the Camp Leaders. Failure to comply may result in an individual alcohol ban being put in place for the duration of the event.
  • Drinks will only be served to attendees during the designated drinking hours (18:00-00:00) by RSA Staff.
  • Alcohol may only be consumed in the common area, not in the dormitories or bathrooms.
  • Attendees must not drink and drive.
  • Attendees will be refused alcohol if RSA Staff believe they are showing signs of intoxication.

Breaches of Code of Conduct

  • Camp Leaders may assist in the transportation of an attendee from the camp.
  • UWA Students will be expected to comply with the UWA Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities at all times
  • Any non-UWA Students breaching this Code of Conduct may have criminal or civil charges brought against them.


  1. The attendee in question will be reminded of the Code of Conduct.
  2. If the behaviour continues, the attendee will be asked to leave the camp premises immediately.
  3. Attendee's emergency contact will be contacted if necessary.
  4. Camp management will be contacted if necessary.
  5. WA Police will be contacted in the event of serious misconduct if necessary.