The webcam page is served via Mussel, the webcam user fetches images in a crontab(5) job on Motsugo.


The webcam page requires authentication. You can use your UCC LDAP/AD account, or you can use a shared login for non-UCC members.

The login details for this shared account can be found on boards in UCC, Unigames, and UniSFA.

This means that access to the webcams can only be gotten by visiting Cameron Hall.

This shared account will also have rotating passwords, so keep an eye out every 2 months for a new login.

Password Rotation

This section details instructions on how to rotate the static webcam password. You must either be a wheel member or a committee member to do this. The static password is stored in a htpasswd file at /home/other/webcam/public-html/password (this is the AuthUserFile in /home/other/webcam/public-html/.htaccess ). To update this file, run the following command:

sudo htpasswd -bc /home/other/webcam/public-html/password <username> <passwd>

sudo(1) may prompt you for your account password. The changes should be effective immediately; navigate to and test it out. Note that browsers cache basic auth passwords for the session, so you may need to restart your browser (e.g. if you've already authenticated with LDAP credentials).