Running Events

Here is a checklist of things to do for every event:

  • Get an Event Management Plan (EMP) approved by guild.
  • Create a Facebook Event
  • Email A Mailing List (ucc@ for small events, ucc-announce@ for big ones)
  • Post about it in IRC

There is a useful page on Advertising Events filled with generic copy for facebook and email that can be used as a base.

Facebook Events

There are two ways to make facebook events, for the UCC group or for the public UCC page. Which one you use depends on the event. For small events targetting only UCC members, the UCC group should be used. For large events where we want to draw in non members, the group should be made on the public group and it should then be shared to the group.

Events Aimed at Members

Events for Everyone

  • Go to the UCC facebook page

  • Click Events
  • Click Create Event
  • Make sure it is a public event, unless for some reason we only want UCC members
  • Fill out the details
  • Invite the group to the event
  • Get other committee members to do the same
  • Share it to the facebook event

Emailing The Event Out

  • Email ucc-announce@ or ucc@ (depending on the event type) details of the event. Have a link to the facebook event

  • Triple check that email
    • I mean it
  • Moderate it through the queue

Once the event is made

  • get someone to update the topic in IRC

  • Answer Questions about the event
  • make sure both ucc-announce@ and the Facebook event get the same info

Anniversary Dinner 2017

I'm putting this here temporarily, because I don't want all of the venue research to be wasted. Please move this to it's own page

Santa Fe 35 Hampden Rd Nedlands or 315 Hay St Subiaco

Subiaco: Minimum of 20 attendees, minimum of $39/head for tapas, happy hour 2 cocktails for 6-7pm

Pure Bar 33 Hay St Subiaco

20-40 Attendees, $20/head catering ???

Niche Bar 7/663 Newcastle St, Leederville

Platters, up to 40 attendees, $200 deposit

Young George 48 George Street, East Fremantle

Up to 30, expensive food, oh god Fremantle