Is there anything you can't do?

"I can't fail the President. Not Ever."


As vice-president, your official duties are listed in ยง16.2 of the constitution:

As proposed under the 2014 Committee KPI Document:

  • oversee the organisation of major UCC events including the UCC Camp, Quiz Night, Anniversary Dinner and Charity Vigil
  • undertake a major project for the benefit of the club which has been approved by the committee
  • manage the operation of the UCC Door Group

Unofficially, you should do some additional duties:

  • Keeping the President sane
    • Try and work with the President where ever possible, but present an objective or alternative opinion where you think it's necessary
    • The role is less visionary than the President, but still try and make some things you are interested in happen
    • As VP and less of an authority figure, it may be a bit easier to help calm things down whenever members are upset with committee
  • Making sure other committee members are doing their job, and picking up the slack where necessary
    • This includes periodically auditing the Treasurer's work - no matter how good they are, mistakes do happen

      • As an exec member you are one of the few people with easy access to club funds; you should help make purchases
        • Or make sure reimbursements are done quickly for others who buy things on behalf of the club
    • You should get the first chance at doing the minutes if the Secretary is away.
      • Discourage the President from doing the minutes, as their job is to be the chair
      • If you hate doing minutes let the Fresher Rep or an OCM do it.
    • Although there are 3 OCMs to do general tasks, not everyone will be helpful; if in doubt act like an extra OCM

  • Forward stuff from committee-only@ to committee@

    • No really. Committee is great at forgetting that other members want to have input too, so help everyone out by making things public where possible
    • Similarly, make sure the Facebook group is not forgotten

    • A lot of the extra communication may seem pointless. But it is important to do; it shows that the club cares about its members. You might not get any responses to an email, but that doesn't mean no one will have cared about it.
  • Learn how things work, fix things, and generally be helpful