Bitumen is a Cisco Catalyst 4507R running IOS (the *real* IOS, not the one made by the fruity company). It's configured by SSHing to from inside the UCC network. Bitumen's config can also be seen at

  • All wall ports in the clubroom are connected through bitumen
  • The gigabit uplink goes through bitumen to a separate gigabit port on Murasoi

  • There are no POE modules installed, but we could probably get some


See Walnut. Its configuration is also accessible at


Curviceps can only be configured by via web interface, which is at This is on the management VLAN, which is only routed from inside the UCC. If at all possible, any machines on this switch should have either ladvd (where available) or lldpd installed so it's easier to tell what ports they're connected to.


Coconut is a Cisco 2948G running CatOS. It's configured by telnetting to from inside the UCC network. Coconut's config can also be seen at

  • Not in use any more, except for camps


Not used anymore, except for LANs. The default IP of the Alloy, contrary to what the manual says, is The default password is 'admin'.


The same model as Coconut, this switch is only used for LANs. Every port is set to vlan 5, except port 1 which is a trunk port for connecting the loft cable. When it's connected to the network, you can telnet to it on Its config can also be seen at