Event planning for O'Day 2007.

For ideas and notes from last year, see ODay2006.

{i} The forecast for Friday is fine, 17-33. It will be hot - wear a hat and bring sunscreen.

Important Info

  • O'Day is on between 10.30AM and 3.30PM, Friday February 23rd 2007
    UCC is stall 24, on the east side of the oval, next to UniGames, UniSFA and CSSC.


Do we have enough left to sell or should we run more? (DavidAdam to do stocktake pm Thurs 28/12/06)

  • This is money for jam from repeat members. Make sure you've got enough -- Comrade
    • OK, well, too late to do anything about it now. We'll take them down, and try and remember to plug them.

Grabbing New Members

  • SMS screen (The SMS screen hardware is failing, HDD in particular. SamSpencer has volunteered to learn how to operate the system, so repairing and showing him should be done at the same time. Requires the loan of a TV. -- unlikely to happen unless we can repair it on Thursday night.

  • Nullarbor demo if ready - run it on the same TV as the SMS screen? -- evaporated
  • Fighting Hamsters -- dumb joke, well done me.

    • Make sure that whoever helps with this has read the instructions properly, not all freshers will want to join a club that has dead hamsters in its stall. -- StevenLazidis

  • Could someone perhaps walk new members to the clubroom? I had a fair bit of trouble finding it - the bottom of Cameron Hall seemed to have a distinct "you're not supposed to be here" feel, and it would also give the new members a friend right off the bat. Looking at memberships, a fair few people either never came or never returned at the very start and I'd bet not knowing anyone and not being able to find the place were significant contributing factors. [LAW]
    • DavydMadeley: some signs on the door would be handy, perhaps we should team up with UniSFA et al to get some signs from the guild area through to Cameron Hall. As for people who don't turn up, this is a well observed phenomenon: many people sign up because that's what you do on O'Day. It's nice to collect what is basically free money.

    • DavidAdam - I'm going to sort these out on a big printer.

    Don't discourage people who might become members. Each one counts. Give them a token for a free coke (their first dispense encounter!) and get them into the room for a chat with a few friendly 2nd years. BIIIG signs are a very good idea for both clubs. -- Comrade


DavidAdam can run a few more big A0 posters - we should still have a couple from last year in reasonable nick.

Posters need to have the UCC name on them in an obvious way, rather than just being you-beaut pictures - it would be nice if poster designs were consistent.

Ask Ziph to do more posters, his were quite good IMO -- DavidAdam

Marketing Spiel

From 2006:

  • UCC is older than the Deparment of Computer Science - 32nd year this year.
  • Cool stuff:
    • Coke machine - only one in Australia!
    • Manbo: Sun Enterprise server with 14 CPUs and 12 GB of RAM, running the latest Solaris Express
  • Clubroom - dozens of different sorts of computers. Eat your e-mail, read your lunch.
  • Access to webspace, e-mail, free WAIX
  • For CS students: an excellent way to get exposure to the stuff you don't get taught.
  • For non-CS students: a chance to play with the kind of equipment you only see in university and corporate environments.
  • Gamers as well - LANs etc
  • Not just a student club. Plenty of interesting people around.
    • People working on Mozilla, GNOME, Flock^WSongbird (Yakk's still old guard, right?), Linux, Avahi, plenty of other stuff
  • A social club, too - our myraid events.
  • Close relationship with other CH clubs - but you don't have to join them all

/!\ We are not allowed to mention the fact that the Bright link gets us free Internet traffic until the person we're marketing to is a member.

  • DavydMadeley: what if we're asked a direct question (also, why the hell not?) OK, maybe we are, but don't plug it too hard. -- DavidAdam

/!\ WorldOfWarcraft is less of an issue this year, but try not to push the computer games thing too hard.


Freshers Guide: finished, pending printing: http://davyd.ucc.asn.au/ucc-test/freshers-guide-2007.pdf

Forms: finished, pending printing: http://davyd.ucc.asn.au/ucc-test/2007membershipform.pdf

Cards: status unknown


(In name - time - what format)

To Do

Well beforehand

  • Fresher's Guide
  • Membership forms
  • Membership cards (lamination pouches?)
  • design posters
  • drink vouchers (do we need more stickers?)

The few days before

  • print posters (DavidAdam)

  • check committee can add new members
  • check machines are all working

On the day

  • vaccum clubroom
  • DECterm for drinks
  • get [JamesAndrewartha]'s marquee

  • pick up tables, pinup boards
  • set up posters, banners