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UCC is running a camp in 2014, from July 18th to July 21st. Holy mackerel, people, that's really soon!

Let's put a whole heap of computer nerds in one place for a weekend and see what happens! We'll make sure there's (guaranteed dial-up speed) internet, the rest is up to the people attending. Lanning will definitely happen, but there will also be some people there who are doing hardware/software hacking and coding. Besides that, it's just a great chance to meet some like-minded people and network.

This is a NON ALCOHOLIC event, any alcohol found will be dealt with appropriately.

Contact [email protected] with any inquiries.


Cost: $80 for members, $115 for non-members.
Member discount is only available to those signed up prior to the 1st May 2014.
To obtain the discount a ticket must be purchased by Monday, 14th July.
Payment must be received by Wednesday, 16th July.

Attendee Forms and Payment

All attendees must submit an attendee form before they are provided with a ticket by Monday, 14th July.
18+ Form. Under 18 Form.
Forms are to be scanned and emailed to [email protected] or handed to any door member in the clubroom.
Please then pay for your camp ticket through dispense or EFT.
You will receive a confirmation email once an attendee form AND payment have been received.

Camp Scholarships

FUCC Scholarship provided thanks to Coxy and Lionel.

Camp Promotion

Tux 2014

Facebook event:

Location & Date

The camp will be run for four days and three nights from Friday, 18th July to Monday, 21st July.
The arrival time on the Friday is 3pm, and attendees must leave the venue by 10am on the Monday.
Transport will not be provided to or from the camp venue, if you are unable to make your own way, many attendees will carpool to the event.

Camp Leschenaultia, same location as UCCCamp2013
400 Leschenaultia Place, Chidlow



The draft itinerary for the camp can be viewed here.

Activities that took place at camp:

  • Rock Band
  • Lanning
    • Minecraft (need server for next year)
    • DOTA0
    • WolfET
    • The Ship (need server for next year)
    • Hidden: Source (need server for next year)
    • Civilisation V
    • Age of Empires II
    • Warcraft 3 Mods
    • Fighting Games
    • Chivalry and TF2 (need servers for next year)

    • Railroads
    • Call of Duty 4
    • Humphrey the Rabbit playtesting
  • Squid maintenance
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Other console games
  • Marshmallows around the fire
  • Potential screenings

  • Maybe tech talks

Ideas that are struck through didn't actually happen in 2014.

What Attendees Should Bring

  • Sleeping bag + pillow (Dormitories do not provide bedding)
  • Computer + non-surge protected powerboard
    • With Ethernet: no wireless available.
  • Headphones with cable slack
  • Drinks (tea, coffee, water are provided)
    • No alcohol
  • Earplugs if you're a light sleeper (you probably are)
  • Clothes for 3 days
    • These clothes should be warm. Cold feet and legs if you don't bring sufficiently warm clothes will occur.
  • Shoes
  • Towel
  • Clothes, toiletries, and all that other crap stuff that you need to survive for 3 days
    • Don't forget deodorant! (Please!)
  • Munchies for between meals
  • Games... many games

Please note that internet at the camp will be limited, so please get any downloading done at home, and disable any high-bandwidth applications before arrival.

All main meals will be catered for at the event.

  • Friday Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Saturday Breakfast: English Breakfast
  • Saturday Lunch: Sausage Sizzle
  • Saturday Dinner: Chicken Korma
  • Sunday Breakfast: English Breakfast
  • Sunday Lunch: Meat and Salad Rolls
  • Sunday Dinner: Beef and Guinness Stew
  • Monday Breakfast: Continental Breakfast

Tea, Coffee, Milo, Cordial and Water were available at all hours for attendees.

Trevor (housemate of [BG3]) was the Chef for the Camp and did an excellent job, he should be approached again for next year. Final costings and recipes to be obtained.

Trevor and [BG3] purchased food for the camp on the Thursday before the event. Meat and non-perishables were purchased Thursday Morning and then frozen to make transportation easier. Dry food was loaded into cardboard boxes for transport. Just before the shops closed Thursday night, all fruit and vegetables where purchased and put into styrofoam eskies with ice. On Friday morning, right before heading out to Chidlow, the remaining food, Eggs, Milk and Bread, where purchased and transported in milk crates.

Things to make sure are taken for the kitchen:

  • Good Knives
  • Tea Towels
  • Good Chopping Boards
  • Salt, Pepper and Sauces
  • Containers to store leftovers in


Dormitories, $25 per person per night. The capacity of the venue is 80, and it's slightly cheaper if we have more than 50 people.

Exactly 22 people attended; slightly less than attendance in 2013.

Camp Organisers

  • Samuel Shenton, samuel AT ucc DOT asn DOT au
  • Andrew Gozzard, gozzarda AT ucc DOT asn DOT au
  • Mitch Pomery, bobgeorge33 AT ucc DOT asn DOT au


  • [SAS], [GOZ] and [BG3] as Camp Organisers
  • [GOZ] and [XON] as First Aiders
  • [SLX] and [SZM] who helped with Camp Network
  • [BG3] got firewood
  • Trevor Bourke, the guy who cooked all the food
  • Various others helped with cooking and cleaning

Camp Internet Connection

More information on the Camp Internet connection/Network is available.

No wireless network will be provided, be sure to bring a computer with an ethernet port.

[BG3] provided the mast which was secured to the outside verandah of the venue and other bits. [BOB] provided the antenna. Skywhale and dongle worked. [BG3]'s J-Pole is really useful as an antenna. It sits off the end of the verandah meaning it is close and leaves the oval free. It also means you don't need to run cables along the ground everywhere. Also, swapping sims becomes a breeze as you can stand on the roof and do it. Note this requires a ladder.

[BG3] also provided a weatherproof box and assembled everything in it. Next year we may want a better power supply setup. Consider PoE.

[GOZ] has proposed buying all the parts so we have them on hand next year and for ODay/other events.

Two Sims (a 9GB and an 18GB) were used at the camp, one for was redundancy in case the connection was hammered and no one noticed. The 9GB sim was used first, and swapped out after about 24hrs when we hit 8GB used. The 18GB sim only had about 12GB used when the camp ended, so 1GB per person is a good amount.


  • Roughly $500 was spent on food and the few items that we forgot to take (tea towels and chopping boards).


  • Internet
    • Need 3G SIMs to cover the whole time. Last time we had 2x12GB plans from Internode, first one ran out the final night, IIRC.
    • Mast needs acquiring, used [DTK]'s in years past. Maybe antenna as well, were we still using [BOB]'s.
      • [BG3]'s J-Pole is really useful as an antenna. It sits off the end of the verandah meaning it is close and leaves the oval free. It also means you don't need to run cables along the ground everywhere. Also, swapping sims becomes a breeze as you can stand on the roof and do it.
    • Network setup night needed. It's harder than you'd think.
      • Beatentrack HDD is still in Cabellera, I think.
    • Bring Beatentrack, Switches, Pythons, Heathred, Skywhale, Long ethernet cable for the mast, power for the mast, the mast, maybe webcams.
    • Fix Heathred's game servers. TF2 is perpetually broken.
  • Misc stuff
    • Check the previous years' pages for stuff not here.
    • People should prepare Tech Talks. It'll be good, I promise.
    • People should get good at Age of Empires, ET, Civ5, Frak, etc.

Good Stuff

  • The network didn't die
  • Matches had attendees playtest his game "Humphrey the Rabbit"
  • Food was excellent and leftovers were relatively low overall
    • Thanks to Trevor for being an amazing chef
  • 9am wakeup call was more civilised and greatly appreciated by attendees
    • There should be a notice for attendees at midnight or 1am notifying them of the time
  • D-LAN was great for sharing, except for [EDO]
  • Mast and antenna setup worked well
    • Some people preferred the teamwork of the giant mast last year
    • Connection speeds were good
    • Usage was good, about 22G/27G used, look into iiNet for next year's network
  • Duct Tape was good
  • Everyone enjoyed the dinner conversations
    • No computers at meal times worked well
  • Thoroughfares through the computer setup area worked well for access to other areas and other people
  • Ping Pong was good
  • Having cables overhead where possible to avoid tripping hazards was good.

To be improved

  • Camp organisers should be the first to arrive
    • Thanks to [SLX] and [SZM] for getting up early and helping with network setup
  • Camp computer layout needs to be looked at and improved for more people in future years
  • UCC needs more powerboards and extension cables
    • Another trip to bunnings is in order
  • Allocate the three available circuit more efficiently
    • Core network likely does not need a circuit to itself
  • Lack of heating
    • Thanks to Lionel for his floor heater in the dorm, it was amazing
    • Look into floor heaters or asking people to bring them
  • The fireplace inside does not work, do not try to start a fire in there
  • Projector should be used more for larger multiplayer games
  • Apparently overzealous net blocking interfered with some games
  • A "How to Prepare for UCC Camp" wiki page should be created, including how to stop automatic downloads
  • Update all servers on Heathred before Camp, games specified above
  • Introduce an itinerary for games at the camp, with a survey conducted before camp to decide what games should be played
  • Name tags for attendees might be an idea, or a way for everyone to learn people's names
    • Something people can sit next to their screen so yo can see what there name is while they game is an option.
  • Have a dishwashing roster or procedure so all attendees are involved with cleaning up
  • Remember tea towels and chopping boards for next year
  • Containers for leftovers are useful, even if there aren't many.
  • Music (or rock band) would have been appreciated during meal preperation times
    • Alternatively, a radio playing something like Triple J